Reality Of Me

I love darkness more than light

I love rain more than sun

I love cold more than heat

What does that make me?

I love rivers more than oceans

I love mountains more than valleys

Maybe this makes me

Weirder than anyone ever be

If that is how I am perceived

Then so be it, I won’t debate

At the end of the day the conclusion is

I love me the way I be

~ T 💕

Pink Skies

Pink Sky At Night, Sailors Delight; Pink Sky In Morning, Sailors Warning ⚠️

It wasn’t truly pink, a grey- ish tinge behind it but it truly made me think of this warning when I was a child.

This picture was taken in the afternoon though, so where does it say afternoon in the warning? Leaves me thinking, lost. 🤔 🙂

There was a greyish tinge to it. Maybe it is that way, especially with all the rain this area has been having.

Rainy weather to me always meant sloshing into puddles, letting the rain splash down on your face. It was a time of refreshment and renewal. A time to just be. Don’t do that with all the odd weather we’ve been having or maybe it’s just that with age I do have more sense. Fingers crossed. 🤞

This though is a different kettle of fish to the red or pink skies that we saw as kids. It blazes eeriness, leaves me wondering what lies beyond that grey-ish pink-ish mass.

Dangerous yet oddly beautiful it is still Gods territory. We, the mere lookers-on.

I love it regardless.

~ T 💕

Growing Old Gracefully!

There are so many contradictions that we hear on this subject. It has been a mostly taboo subject up until a while back. Has also been a subject for levity, even some gravity. It has fascinated some and repelled most I fear.

Why do we fear growing old? Is it because our looks fade? Is it because the agility of the body is gone as well as the elasticity of the skin.

Some turn to plastic surgery, extreme makeovers that make drastic changes to appearances, families and friends do a double take when you appear.

Not being versed in how anyone else feels I will speak from my own point of view. It sucks for me going from a very outdoorsy agile , playing sports, walking long distances type of woman, to feeling all the old injuries type. In the looks department your skin is not as supple as it was and wrinkles appear where there was smooth skin. It sucks big time.

When many depend on looks in their trade like actresses, models etc.; it does suck.

Looks shouldn’t be an only option. There are other talents each individual has besides looks.

Admittedly that’s the first thing people notice but when you bring your other talents to bear, your personality, the traits you were born with plus a benevolent attitude you inspire appreciation and love in others despite your appearance. The appeal of your heart shining through is a beacon of hope to those who fear ageing.

Growing old I feel is how we as individuals think or feel. Your mind a cauldron of knowledge to leave behind.

Accept that each one of us will age. No one is going to be bypassed. The fountain of youth stays a little while till time says otherwise. We are all going down that path never fear.

Why not age gracefully and defeat the feeling of impending doom?

Accept the inevitable and live beautifully. Perhaps then the youth of today will see that age is just a number not a death sentence. Maturity on the other hand is a whole kettle of other fish.

The sense of well-being that comes from accepting our limitations, accepting that we are all human will be as freedom is to a prisoner held in bondage for aeons of time.

Let age not dictate what you should or should not do.

I leave you this discourse with a last quote below from Joan Collins, the fountain of everlasting beauty and grace who has aged gracefully and beautifully as we all should.

Look into that mirror beyond your appearance, past those beautiful eyes and see the beautiful soul smiling back at you. You are uniquely authentic. You are eternal.

Blessings always.

~ T 💕

Never Let ‘I Lost My Way’ Stop You!

Having goals that you want to reach are great . Actually achieving those goals is awesome . Giving up is not an option. 

‘I lost my way’ is usually the cry that arises when that goal isn’t achieved. I couldn’t achieve that goal because I lost my way. Why did I lose my way? How did I lose my way? 

 How did you lose that focus? Details is the answer. 

Aiming for the stars you see your way in a straight line, you forget about all the details along the way. The obstacles you may encounter, the ditches you may fall into, something beautiful that may catch your eye, take you off that path you have marked, to just go see what it is. Your map was faulty.  

There are so many things, little or big details  that hinder your path to stop you from getting to the mark. 

We forget that life will always throw us curve balls, throw us a lot of challenges that will stop us and take us off the path from achieving what we set out to do. And when it does that our dreams are shattered. When we fall at the first or second obstacles we don’t feel like getting up to continue. We just say oh it wasn’t meant to be.

Yes gorgeous,  it was meant to be but you gave up. 

All good things in life will be hard to get, hard to achieve. Failing and giving up at the first hurdle shouldn’t be an option. Take the long path,  no shortcuts, meander around those hills or climb over them, swim those rivers or if it’s crocodile infested get a boat to travel across. A friend or an acquaintance who will help you may be that boat. We sometimes cannot do things alone. We all need a helping hand along the way. Never be ashamed to ask for help. No man is an island. 

Never let ‘I lost my way’ stop you. Don’t stay down if you fall into that ditch. Get up, brush yourself off, continue. Your goal is always there. It just takes courage, persistence, perseverance, determination and a lot of patience. You will get there. Eventually.

So gorgeous look into the mirror and say ‘I will do it’. Don’t give up. 

Love yourself always. You got this. 

Blessings to you, 

~ T 💕

Struggle For Recognition And Acknowledgement

Too busy to stop 

Too busy to look

Too busy to smile

Too busy to speak

Too busy being busy 

You bustle and hustle 

Others pain you ignore 

Pretend you don’t see

What’s hard in just a word 

Or a thought to ease 

Or to try to erase 

A heart that aches 

For just a word or a smile 

Acknowledge they exist 

Not just a ghost 

Or a figment of an idea

They wait to be recognised 

Before it’s too late 

Hope not to slip away 

As a wisp of smoke 

~T 💕

True Friends: Listening Posts, Protecters

What we can’t share with anyone

We share with them

The secrets deep inside us that

never sees the light of day

They are in the know.

A true friend tells you like it is

Never judges

Calls you out on your bullshit

But gets into it with you

They call you crybaby

Listen sympathetically then say

Suck it up

They’ll tell you the truth

But beware anyone who dares criticise you.

24/7 in your corner

Your back is always protected

Thats what I deem a true friend is

When you find one

Never let go

~ T 💕

You Got This

Sometimes wanting love so desperately

You believe any man who tells you he loves you

Needing to hear those words so bad, you overlook the obvious signs.

Those words that make you feel seen, significant, alive.

No longer living in a vacuum, not so alone

The words make you feel feminine, adored

Justifies your very existence .

You really need to hear it all to be validated.

Not allowing any doubt to creep in

Suddenly it all turns out to be a big fat lie

Like being battered, abused all over again.

You don’t need validation nor justification from anyone

You are beautiful, all of the above

Stand in your truth, never look outwards

For it all lies within you, gorgeous.

Look in that mirror, smile. You got this. You are loved.

~T 💕