Here By The Grace Of God

Putting Things Into Perspective.

‘There but for the grace of God goeth l’

Those words are always in my mind as I traipse forward  to greet each new day. 

Putting things into perspective when I look around and see  people around the world that are worse off than me makes me feel selfish sometimes, grateful at all  times, content most times with what I have. 

Why do I  worry about myself when most of the rest of the world are suffering?. My ills are nothing compared to what a lot of people are going through.

Am I selfish?

Seeing what’s happening in war torn countries, so much of the world dying from hunger and thirst; injuries from shrapnel or  bullets; earthquakes; hurricanes;  sicknesses; plagues  and viruses from the changing world we live in, I do feel selfish. There’s nothing much of that happening in my country although we are going through a crisis with our economy from  the shutdown because of Coronavirus.  My heart bleeds for those less fortunate souls. My spirit aches when I think about what they go through daily.   When put into perspective I do feel selfish worrying about the things that I do.

Should I be grateful?

Yes I am grateful to be alive. I am grateful for not being sick. I am grateful for the little luxuries I have that I realize a lot of people don’t have. I am grateful for having enough food to eat. I am grateful that I had the education I did, the roof over my head and so much more. 

Should I be content? 

I am content with what I have. I am content with the life I live. I am content with my writing which is my baby nowadays as my literal ones have flown the coop.

 With the little I have I am content. With the little I have I try to do what I can to help my family and others. Even if it’s only kind words and a smile. With the little I have I do the best I can, try each day to put my best foot forward. That’s all I can do.  

For the grace of God can be in how we treat others. In how we live our lives daily.

Try to be kind for you don’t know what someone else is going through. Be nice for it shows  others who you are. We can show love in all the things that we do.

For we are all here by the grace of God.

Be smart. Be aware. Be discerning. 

God bless us all.

Love always,

~ T 💕

I Am A Survivor

What do you do when the very ones who you rely on to have your back are the very ones who stab you fatally?

What do you do when you think that everything you’ve done so far will make you favourable in their eyes, but it doesn’t?

What do you do when you think all is going so well then out of the blue it all falls apart? .

All these questions go through my mind as I’m sitting here wondering why.

Why is it that the ones I thought loved me don’t have the consistency and loyalty I crave so much?

One thing I do know I will survive this and many more knocks in the future. This all hurts now. I will let the pain cleanse me and renew me. I will cry today and let it restore me. I will not let it define me nor bring me to my knees.

I am a survivor, not a victim.

Stay safe. Stay beautiful. Be consistent. Be loyal. Be smart and above all be kind.

You are loved. God bless us all.

Love always,

~ T 💕

Fighting That Losing Battle.

Each day each one of us is fighting a battle. A battle in our minds. A battle that is so real that it blinds us to everything else.  It  consumes our thoughts  so much that it takes us away from the important  things we need to prioritize in our lives, that of God, love,  our families, our friends, our dreams, our surroundings.

We  all have our own demons to fight. And if anyone  says they’re not, then they’re either lying, or so insensitive and numb to the world around them. Each particular battle has a different name, so real you can almost touch it. Mentally we fight and fight, worrying more and stressing more over events, money, people, things that we need,  need to do, need to say, need to appease someone, or need that someone to appease us, etc,  that we become  unhappy. So unhappy and bitter that we make people around us unhappy and bitter as well. We create a toxic atmosphere that drives them away from us. It may drive us to an early grave as well.

To be happy and to make everyone around us happy, we may need to eliminate the battle that rages in our mind. That battle that makes us stress and worry.  It is easy enough to say but it will be hard to do.

Maybe we should have a mantra to chant whenever we find ourselves in that frame of mind. That waging battle that has no end. My mantra goes, ‘I’m fighting a losing battle’. Whatever you prefer to say that would help should be your own.

We need to get out of our own minds, stay in the present, be in touch with our surroundings and pursue what we need to pursue, without these added burdens that stress us so much we are blind to our surroundings. 

If we could harness all that energy we do on fighting that battle in our minds we could do great things. If we could make a dollar on every time we fight that war of the mind, we could  maybe, just maybe, be all billionaires by now.

But as it is, we are only hurting ourselves. Those battles that make us stress and worry leads to less sleep, less immunity, fatigue, heart problems, etc. What we stress about today will be like a storm in a teacup a few days down the road. I know that.

So worry less. Stress less. Be at peace with yourself. Be in the moment. Be smart. Be aware. Be safe. Show more kindness. Get more sleep. Eat healthy. Exercise more.

Try to stop fighting that losing battle.

God bless us all. 

Love always, 

~ T 💕


What got me interested on what was harming humankind on a mass level was an article based on chemtraills and towers and the harmful effects they had on us. How they affected our daily wellbeing. That got me reading up on both to know how to counteract the harmful effects of both. I became horrified and terrified at what I read on sites that were against these two subject matter. All the specialists who spoke on these topics gave me pause for thought.

Not being a scientist nor an engineer, being without much experience on a technical level, I became interested in the harm it causes me, my family, friends, and on a general level, all humankind, flora and fauna. 

I began to realise there were a lot of unexplained and unexpected deaths. Deaths that could have been avoided, mayhaps? Perhaps. 

I really don’t know but it sure got me thinking when I started reading up on the effects of seeding the clouds, chemtrails and what they contained which were detrimental to our physical wellbeing. Not mentioning the radiation level emitted by the 4G and 5G towers as well.

5G Towers

For a minute there I thought and hoped we weren’t doing  that here in my country but, nope, my hope was in vain.

We were. 

I saw new towers had been put up in places that shouldn’t have towers. Right smack in the middle of residential areas, in the middle of Suva city, as well as in my home town of Sigatoka. Right on rooftops.  It shook me to the core.

Pictures below.

Wouldn’t this be harmful to us all? To our physical health as well as our mental well being?

I just know it will affect us. But the how, I don’t know yet.

Covid-19 was the chance they had to make us worry about something else, look the other way, while they quietly put these towers up. One day we woke up and there they were.

The unexplained headaches, body aches I am experiencing may be explained away scientifically by doctors, I am sure, but, I do blame these contraptions of progress for my headaches, body aches along  with  dizzy spells, to which I fortunately never, ever suffered from in my whole existence. Maybe the occasional headache from a late night out, but not when there hadn’t been a cause to bring it on in the first place.

I digress but there it is, no proof as of yet, but I hope in our pursuit of progress we don’t forget to look around us to note the harmful effects said progress is affecting us on a physical and mental level. Maybe even on the other two levels as well, those being emotional and spiritual.

This has been bothering me a lot lately so had to have my say on these issues.


Have learnt what to look out for now. The signs of spraying, that is. I have become somewhat of an expert here, if I say so myself. (Smile) Seriouslsy though, I can tell it is happening here as well. Have sent pictures of our skies to experts who have confirmed what I have well suspected. It is mind numbing when not expecting a serpent could come into my paradise, contaminate my skies, my home and my physical health. As well as everyone else’s. And basically get away with it.

The lie told us it is for cooling down the earth because of climate change. Maybe those who don’t believe in God will believe that but not by those who do. The God of creation will not leave anything undone. Not like those who try to play God but end up mucking up everything in their pursuit of trying to be better than God.

Progress has it’s pros but it also has it’s cons. I prefer the pros without the cons. God willing we can have that without suffering aftereffects.

Building up our immune systems to counteract these harmful effects may be the answer to a longer life. Eating nutritious foods is kinda costly nowadays, but that, while also keeping a healthy lifestyle may just be the answer and a lifesaver.

Stay healthy. Eat healthy. Exercise. Be kind. Keep a lookout. See what’s happening around you. Be always prayerful.

You’re loved. And God bless us all.

~ T 💕

Where’s True Loyalty When You Need It The Most?

Being busy on family matters, travelling to and fro, I haven’t had time to sit down to write on my blog. Taking a breather for myself today I can finally write a few words. Not sure what I want to write on, but something compels me to write on loyalty. I have learnt in these past few days that what matters at the end of the day is who stands for you and beside you when all the chips are down. The very ones whom you expect to, are the ones, who, like rats, desert a sinking ship.

Maybe it is human nature to do so. Or maybe it is fear of the unknown. Or maybe it is just cowardice, who knows. But fair weather friends and families are always distinguishable by their very absence when you need them the most.

Loyalty is one of the traits I most admire. Not blind loyalty but true loyalty. The kind of loyalty that knows your faults but accept you nonetheless and stands by you through the darkest hours. That kind of loyalty that goes down with you. The ride or die kind of loyalty is hard to find in this day and age.

Finding someone holding this most admired characteristic may take years or just a matter of seconds.

My point is that as far as I’m concerned I would hold that person who stands by my side through thick and thin, in the highest esteem. It is hard to be loyal to someone who disregards you at times, who is blind to challenges you go through yourself. But to stand and show a united front against overwhelming odds takes courage and determination. That is true loyalty.

True loyalty lies within each of us. We just have to manifest it, especially in these times of swinging emotions from one extreme to the other. When you’re not sure what is right or what is wrong, or, even who is. But we have to stand with someone right? Or be loyal to someone or something, right?

Okay. Maybe expectations are too high sometimes, but that is how we are judged most times. Mostly by the extent of our true loyalty.

Now you all have an awesome day. Be loyal. Be kind. Be nice. Stand strong in the faith. And stand united.

You are beautiful. You are loved.

Love always,

~ T 💕