Growing Old Gracefully!

There are so many contradictions that we hear on this subject. It has been a mostly taboo subject up until a while back. Has also been a subject for levity, even some gravity. It has fascinated some and repelled most I fear.

Why do we fear growing old? Is it because our looks fade? Is it because the agility of the body is gone as well as the elasticity of the skin.

Some turn to plastic surgery, extreme makeovers that make drastic changes to appearances, families and friends do a double take when you appear.

Not being versed in how anyone else feels I will speak from my own point of view. It sucks for me going from a very outdoorsy agile , playing sports, walking long distances type of woman, to feeling all the old injuries type. In the looks department your skin is not as supple as it was and wrinkles appear where there was smooth skin. It sucks big time.

When many depend on looks in their trade like actresses, models etc.; it does suck.

Looks shouldn’t be an only option. There are other talents each individual has besides looks.

Admittedly that’s the first thing people notice but when you bring your other talents to bear, your personality, the traits you were born with plus a benevolent attitude you inspire appreciation and love in others despite your appearance. The appeal of your heart shining through is a beacon of hope to those who fear ageing.

Growing old I feel is how we as individuals think or feel. Your mind a cauldron of knowledge to leave behind.

Accept that each one of us will age. No one is going to be bypassed. The fountain of youth stays a little while till time says otherwise. We are all going down that path never fear.

Why not age gracefully and defeat the feeling of impending doom?

Accept the inevitable and live beautifully. Perhaps then the youth of today will see that age is just a number not a death sentence. Maturity on the other hand is a whole kettle of other fish.

The sense of well-being that comes from accepting our limitations, accepting that we are all human will be as freedom is to a prisoner held in bondage for aeons of time.

Let age not dictate what you should or should not do.

I leave you this discourse with a last quote below from Joan Collins, the fountain of everlasting beauty and grace who has aged gracefully and beautifully as we all should.

Look into that mirror beyond your appearance, past those beautiful eyes and see the beautiful soul smiling back at you. You are uniquely authentic. You are eternal.

Blessings always.

~ T πŸ’•

Published by Therese Work

I have started this my first website. Always been my dream to build one. I love being online. To me it's a whole new world, but I love the real world too and my favourite interest is walking. Reading, meeting people and going to movies and restaurants are some of my hobbies. I have kids who love animes so I got caught up in that too πŸ˜„ I love going to the beach on any given day rain or shine, but rainy days are the best for me. Coming back home from one of these excursions and then listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the roof or the drumming sound it makes is my lullaby and the sound of the surf pounding on the reef is another. Writing my first book and it’s an amazing thing finding out how capable you are of building a story up and then that story taking over in the telling. The things I’ve learnt about myself while writing this is just phenomenal. I love what I’m doing and doing what I love.

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